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Flowering Conversations

Alice B. McNally
From the author...
For years, plants wilted, dried and died on me. Nothing I did seemed to help. Out of desperation, I began talking to a plant in the morning, before I left for the day and spoke to it when I returned. I was surprised to see the plant gradually perk-up and begin to grow. Now, my house is full of plants. I am convinced that they grow because I talk to them.

Botanical researchers have discovered that sounds affect the growth of plants. It is known that sharp sounds, such as an angry slap or loud, cross words tend to weaken plants and may even stop their growth... even though they have received proper food, plenty of water and dwell in a healthful environment. On the other hand, sounds of a gentler and softer nature seem to help plants grow and become more vigorous and healthy. A recent survey of housewives indicate that 75% of those interviewed attribute their "green thumb" success to the fact that they regularly talked to their plants.

Flowering Conversations can be used as your personal "plant-sitter" for those times when you must leave your plants alone for long periods of time. The soothing voice of the recorded plant mentor will encourage and praise your plants while you are away. The narration is interspersed with specially selected musical arrangements which will enhance the spoken word and help your plants to bloom and grow.